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Having a poorly maintained pool could mean no more pool time. Whether you need to remodel or replaster your swimming pool, always look to experts for assistance. Like any renovation project, pool work can take some time from start to finish.

Express Pool Plastering & Repairs shares what to expect when you're planning to have some work done to improve the aesthetic value of your swimming pool in Houston.

Depends On the Scope

How long it takes to complete a swimming pool remodel depends on the extent of the work required. Pool replastering, the whole process including prep work, may be completed in two to three days. Completion time may take an additional day or two if you need tiling, coping, and pool plastering. If there are other upgrades, the construction time may be longer.

Differs Between Each Project

Even if the...


Your Houston home will look more dazzling when you have a well-maintained pool. Proper pool maintenance is a must. But if cleaning does not resolve stains or scales, or when cracks and bumps appear, you may have a bigger pool problem.

Look to expert pool companies in Houston like Express Pool Plastering & Repairs to diagnose the problem. Pool resurfacing may be necessary to bring back the beauty of your pool. Here's a quick explanation of what pool resurfacing is all about.

Necessary for All Surface Types

Your pool should last for years, but the surface may need updating after some time. Pool resurfacing is the prep work done before you can install a new surface for your pool.

All types of pool surfaces — even pebble, plaster, fiberglass, and tile — may need resurfacing at some point.

Checking for Loose Plaster

To start any pool resurfacing project, your pool contractor needs to check for loose...


Remodeling your swimming pool, for a change or out of necessity, allows you to do upgrades. Even if you only need pool replastering, you can achieve a new look by changing your pool finish.

Express Pool Plastering & Repairs, a Houston-based pool expert, shares the types of pool plaster you can choose to update your pool.

Classic Swimming Pool Look

Most pool owners may think of the classic white surface when it comes to pool finish. It's practical, and it's the most affordable choice. And today, white is not the only choice when it comes to color. You can use colored plaster to give your pool a certain look.


Quartz is non-porous, which means that there are no small holes where liquid or gas may pass. Because of this quality, quartz is a durable choice for pool surfaces. Pool companies combine natural, pure, and non-fading quartz aggregates with polymer-modified cement to create a...

What Is Pool Plastering?

When you have an in-ground pool, you want to have a watertight and smooth surface to improve your pool’s durability without affecting its overall appearance. The classic way to achieve this is to use pool plasters. While pool owners in Houston have more options today, many still go for pool plastering performed by capable pool companies like Express Pool Plastering & Repairs.

If you're wondering what pool plastering is all about, here's a quick overview of the process.

Why You Need Pool Plastering

Pool plastering is your pool's finishing touch. All pool constructions start with digging a hole, then applying the gunite and installing your tiles. After all those steps, you need a watertight seal; hence the need for pool plaster.

Plasters keep water from seeping into the pool structure, allowing it to last for years. Unfortunately, the...


Plaster has been used as a watertight seal for a very long time. For pool owners, pool plastering is also an affordable choice.

If you need to remodel a pool or construct a new pool, Express Pool Plastering & Repairs in Houston can help you learn more about the process starting with these facts.

Plaster Mottling Is Normal

Many pool owners worry about plaster discoloration. If it's your first time to have a pool plastered, mottling may cause you to worry.

Shading variations are normal for any plaster. Defects appear less visible in white plaster, but this is common for all cementitious products. Pool companies will need to remedy mottling since it is not a defect or failure. However, they should explain this process to you.

PH Levels Affect Pool Plaster

Maintaining ideal pH levels is crucial to keep the...