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Everything From Spa Renovations to Custom Pools

Don’t wait to get the pool you’ve always dreamed of! Express Pool Plastering & Repairs offers complete pool services — ranging from plastering, tiling, and coping to decking repair. We can work with you to design out your dream pool or update your existing pool. Whatever vision you have in mind, get started with a free quote from our team of experts. Learn more about our complete services and enhance the beauty of your pool today!

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Our pool services include:

  • Pool Plastering

  • Pool Decking

  • Pool Tile

  • Pool Coping

  • Water Features

  • Pool Lighting

  • Pool Equipment and Parts

  • Complete Pool Renovations

  • Custom Outdoor Kitchens and Palapas

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Custom Pool & Spa Renovations

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Handle Projects of Any Size

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Build a New Pool With Creative Pool Designs by Express

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Pool Plastering & Replastering

When it comes to your pool, you want a finish that is durable but doesn’t take away from the overall appearance of your pool.

Pool plaster is the final coat that is applied to the top of an in-ground pool to create a smooth, watertight surface. While there are alternatives to plastering your pool, plaster provides a water-tight, durable solution and is commonly chosen by pool owners to finish their pool.

Naturally, as your pool ages, that watertight layer can start to peel or crack, leaving the other layers of your pool exposed. In order to keep your pool in the best condition possible, cracks and damage mean it’s time to replaster. At Express Pool Plastering & Repairs, we guarantee that our plaster will not peel, blister, or delaminate, leaving you with a beautiful finish.

Make the right decision for your pool — choose the experts at for all of your pool plastering and replastering needs.

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Pool Decking

The pool deck is the area immediately surrounding your pool, also called the pool patio. This is the space where you can lounge and take in the beauty of your pool.

The right pool decking can also transform your pool space and tie together your vision for your pool and home. Whether you need to add pool decking to a new construction pool or want to redo your decking, make sure you choose the team at Express Pool Plastering & Repairs.

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Pool Tile

While plastering your pool provides you with a functional way to ensure that your pool is water-tight, if you want to take your pool one step further, consider tiling your pool.

Tiles are a great way to add a customized look. Choose your favorite tile and add dimension and color to your pool. Learn more about the patterns, shapes, colors, and materials that will make your pool truly yours. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us about tiling or retiling your pool!

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Pool Coping

When it comes to renovating or designing your pool, coping is an important element, both for the functionality and aesthetic of your pool. The coping is used to cap the pool shell wall, providing a resting place for swimmers and a way to get in and out of the pool.

Over time, pool coping can develop cracks or breaks, putting you at risk for getting water or other debris behind your pool walls. Contact Express Pool Plastering & Repairs to replace or add pool coping to your pool today.

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Pool Services That Go Beyond Installation & Repair

When you’re designing your dream pool, take that extra step to make your pool truly yours. Work with Express Pool Plastering & Repairs in Houston to find water features, lighting, and equipment that will help take your pool to the next level. Learn about our manufacturer partnerships and don’t compromise when it comes to designing the perfect pool for you and your home!

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Pool Water Features

Have you considered pairing your pool with a water feature? From creating a beautiful focal point to bringing the meditative sound of falling water to your backyard, water features are a trendy way to add different design elements to your new pool.

Water features come in all shapes and sizes and can add dimension to any pool. Whether you’re remodeling or in the process of installing your first pool, work with Express Pool Plastering & Repairs to incorporate the perfect water features into your new design.

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Pool Lighting

Make your pool stand out — even at night! Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your pool. Pool lighting can transform your pool into a glowing oasis while keeping you and your entire family safe at night.

Express Pool Plastering & Repairs offers a variety of spa and pool lighting options so you can find the perfect way to illuminate your pool. Contact us and we’ll get started on finding the best options for your needs!

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Pool Equipment and Parts

In order to offer the best when it comes to equipment and parts for your pool, we’ve partnered with Hayward Pool Products. Whether you need pumps and heaters or lighting and pool cleaners, we will help you find the best in pool products.

Contact us with any questions and learn more about the pool equipment and parts we can provide — including smart control automation for your pool.

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Get the Pool of Your Dreams With Express Pool Plastering & Repairs

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Don’t compromise when it comes to the pool of your dreams. Work with Express Pool Plastering & Repairs for financing options with low fixed rates, same-day decisions, different term options, and more!

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Want to construct a new pool? Creative Pool Designs by Express will build and design new in-ground pools. Get a free quote and make the pool of your dreams a reality!

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Work with our team of experts to get a pool customized to your wants and needs. From unique tile to water features and lighting that makes your pool stand out, we’ll help you design the perfect pool.

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Ready to repair or redesign your pool? As a plastering and repair company, our team of experts is here to give you the best when it comes to your pool. Take a look at the different services we offer. When you’re ready to get started, contact Express Pool Plastering & Repairs in Houston to get a free quote for your project.

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