Why Should I Replaster My Pool?

Why Should I Replaster My Pool?

Do you have a swimming pool that needs some love? Maybe it's time for a replastering job. Swimming pools can last for many years with the proper care, and one of the best ways to keep your pool looking great is to resurface it on a regular basis. Here at Express Pool Plastering & Repairs, we offer high-quality pool plaster products and services that will leave your swimming pool looking new again. Keep reading to learn why you should replaster your pool!

Replaster Pool


There are several reasons to consider an upgrade for your pool such as the plaster peeling away, the floor feeling rough, stained plaster, or just wanting a new aesthetic! You can achieve a seamless upgrade with pool resurfacing by Express Pool Plastering & Repairs. Our swimming pool plaster products are trusted by top-quality distributors like National Pool Tile, Keystone Tile, Master Tile, Noble Tile, and more!

Replaster Pool


Express Pool Plastering & Repairs uses products that are highly durable and last for years. Our swimming pool plaster products contain quality materials mixed with water, sand, and white cement to create a strong bond between the surface of your pool and our top-quality plaster. You'll leave feeling confident in your pool resurfacing because our products are designed specifically to withstand harsh weather conditions while also maintaining strong resistance!

Replaster Pool


Swimming pool plaster deteriorates over time due to constant exposure to water and weather conditions. Our expert technicians will provide the highest quality service using top-of-the-line materials that have a longer lifespan than traditional swimming pool plaster products! Here are some of the stunning finishes we offer:

  • Plaster Products: QuartzScapes, StoneScapes

  • Universal White Cement: FinestFinish, Sparkle Quartz, Radiant Fusion, MicroFusion

  • SGM: DiamondBrite, RiverRok

CLI and Aquavations: SunStone, Hydrazzo, CrystalStones

Replaster Pool


The lifespan of your pool plaster will depend on a few factors, such as the climate in Houston and how often the pool is used. The average resurfacing is needed every three to seven years. No matter what, Express Pool Plastering & Repairs can help you keep track of when your pool needs its next resurfacing!

Although popular, at Express Pool Plastering & Repairs, we don’t offer PebbleTec, Pebble Sheen, PebbleBrilliance, or PebbleFina. However, we do offer similar and innovative products such as StoneScapes, RiverRok, SunStone Pearl, and MicroFusion!

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