What Is Pool Plastering?

What Is Pool Plastering?

When you have an in-ground pool, you want to have a watertight and smooth surface to improve your pool’s durability without affecting its overall appearance. The classic way to achieve this is to use pool plasters. While pool owners in Houston have more options today, many still go for pool plastering performed by capable pool companies like Express Pool Plastering & Repairs.

If you're wondering what pool plastering is all about, here's a quick overview of the process.

Why You Need Pool Plastering

Pool plastering is your pool's finishing touch. All pool constructions start with digging a hole, then applying the gunite and installing your tiles. After all those steps, you need a watertight seal; hence the need for pool plaster.

Plasters keep water from seeping into the pool structure, allowing it to last for years. Unfortunately, the seal tends to crack and break over time. When this happens, your pool becomes exposed, making it vulnerable to damage and other issues. At this point, pool replastering may become necessary.

What Makes Pool Plaster Effective

Aside from being the oldest pool surface finish, the traditional white plaster is the most affordable choice. Traditional pool plaster looks white because it is a mixture of Portland cement, water, and marble dust. Pool plastering experts also add components to improve strength, add color, or for ease of application.

How Pool Plastering Happens

For existing pools, pool replastering starts with an inspection. Then, the old plaster and any pool finish needs to be removed. Unless you decide to reinstall new tiles, you can preserve the original ones. Depending on the condition of your plaster, the old plaster may be chipped off down to the gunite, or a bond coat may be applied to prep the surface for pool plastering.

Maintaining and updating the pool in your Houston property could enhance the beauty of your space. If you notice stains on your pool plaster or if it's peeling away, it may be time for an update. Don't ignore early signs of a plaster-related problem. Contact Express Pool Plastering & Repairs in Houston today to diagnose pool problems and find an affordable solution.