Timeline for Remodeling Your Pool

Timeline for Remodeling Your Pool

Having a poorly maintained pool could mean no more pool time. Whether you need to remodel or replaster your swimming pool, always look to experts for assistance. Like any renovation project, pool work can take some time from start to finish.

Express Pool Plastering & Repairs shares what to expect when you're planning to have some work done to improve the aesthetic value of your swimming pool in Houston.

Depends On the Scope

How long it takes to complete a swimming pool remodel depends on the extent of the work required. Pool replastering, the whole process including prep work, may be completed in two to three days. Completion time may take an additional day or two if you need tiling, coping, and pool plastering. If there are other upgrades, the construction time may be longer.

Differs Between Each Project

Even if the scope of work is the same for some projects, the completion time may be different due to certain factors. For instance, bad weather or temperature drops in winter can cause delays. At times, the time needed for the project may increase if unexpected problems arise and additional work needs to be done.

Needs Waiting Time Between Each Construction Phase

Like other pool companies, the work crew for Express Pool Plastering & Repairs accepts simultaneous projects, but this should not delay your pool remodeling. Often, plaster crews perform specific functions. It's also normal to have some waiting time when remodeling a pool. Some materials need to be fully dry before the crew can proceed to the next construction phase.

Remodeling your swimming pool increases the investment value of your property. Pool companies need to know the condition of your swimming pool and the changes you want to make to provide a more reliable timeline. If you're planning to redesign, overhaul, or repair your pool in Houston, contact Express Pool Plastering & Repairs today to schedule an inspection and get a free quote.