Your Guide to Types of Pool Plaster

Remodeling your swimming pool, for a change or out of necessity, allows you to do upgrades. Even if you only need pool replastering, you can achieve a new look by changing your pool finish.

Express Pool Plastering & Repairs, a Houston-based pool expert, shares the types of pool plaster you can choose to update your pool.

Classic Swimming Pool Look

Most pool owners may think of the classic white surface when it comes to pool finish. It's practical, and it's the most affordable choice. And today, white is not the only choice when it comes to color. You can use colored plaster to give your pool a certain look.


Quartz is non-porous, which means that there are no small holes where liquid or gas may pass. Because of this quality, quartz is a durable choice for pool surfaces. Pool companies combine natural, pure, and non-fading quartz aggregates with polymer-modified cement to create a quartz pool surface.

Your quartz surface should be able to withstand harsh weather and hold up against pool chemicals.


Pebble is a non-porous material like quartz, making it a practical choice for pool surfaces. Compared to quartz, pebbles are a bit rougher, but the surface is stain-resistant. Pebble surfaces use smooth river pebbles, giving your pool a natural appearance. As for price, pebble surfaces cost you more than regular white plaster, but it is covered by a longer warranty.


A polished pool finish is a blend of colored quartz and marble aggregates bonded using Portland cement. The pool surface is polished after applying the aggregate mixture to give it a smoother look and to make the plaster shine. A polished surface is resistant to topical and permanent scale, etching, and algae adhesion.

Your pool finish can dictate the appearance of your swimming pool. With many exciting choices, from standard plasters to more adventurous ones, you can design the swimming pool of your dreams. If you're overwhelmed with all your options in choosing a pool finish, get in touch with Express Pool Plastering & Repairs for expert advice on the best pool designs in your Houston property.