How Pool Resurfacing Works

Your Houston home will look more dazzling when you have a well-maintained pool. Proper pool maintenance is a must. But if cleaning does not resolve stains or scales, or when cracks and bumps appear, you may have a bigger pool problem.

Look to expert pool companies in Houston like Express Pool Plastering & Repairs to diagnose the problem. Pool resurfacing may be necessary to bring back the beauty of your pool. Here's a quick explanation of what pool resurfacing is all about.

Necessary for All Surface Types

Your pool should last for years, but the surface may need updating after some time. Pool resurfacing is the prep work done before you can install a new surface for your pool.

All types of pool surfaces — even pebble, plaster, fiberglass, and tile — may need resurfacing at some point.

Checking for Loose Plaster

To start any pool resurfacing project, your pool contractor needs to check for loose plaster. Your existing finish needs to be removed to do this. Your pool contractor would then undercut the tile line using a saw cut with a diamond masonry blade if you want to preserve the existing tile. After doing these steps, your pool specialist should be able to determine how to prep the pool surface.

Bond Coat or Chip Off

In pool resurfacing, the prep work required depends on the condition of the pool surface. The plaster crew may apply a bond coat if your pool surface is in good shape.

If it's not, your pool surface may need more work. If the surface condition is far from ideal, the crew needs to strip off the old plaster. This step is necessary to give the new surface a smooth and even appearance. This process often requires handheld chipping tools to strip the plaster down to the original gunite.

After the prep work, pool replastering begins. After applying the new surface finish, the final step happens —filling up the pool.

While pool resurfacing appears to be straightforward, it involves many steps. Making a mistake in the process could mean redoing the job.

Unless you're an expert, it's better to let the professional plaster crew at Express Pool Plastering & Repairs assist you in any pool plastering and resurfacing project in Houston.