Winter Is the Best Time to Renovate!

Pool Renovations

By the time the temperatures drop and it’s winter across Houston, TX, the last thing you’re thinking about is your pool and getting into your swimsuit. However, winter is the best time to take stock of your pool’s current condition and to start making plans for next spring and summer. Our Express Pool Plastering & Repairs experts are here to let you know that the colder months in Texas are the best months for pool renovations and maintenance, and you can partner with us right now to ensure an enjoyable and profitable upcoming summer season!

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Invest in Improvements During the Off-Season

Pools are residential assets that aren't typically used during the winter, which makes January through March the perfect time frame to start working on improvements. If you notice any damage, anything that needs to be repaired, or any aspects that can be revamped, Express Pool Plastering & Repairs recommends investing in pool renovations during the off-season; this ensures work can be done smoothly without worrying about sunbathers and swimmers. In fact, by accomplishing pool renovation projects during the winter, your pool will be ready to use without issue on the very first day of summer!

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Keep Your Pool Running to Avoid Maintenance Issues

Maybe your pool is in perfect condition and you don’t need to invest in pool renovations over the winter — that’s fine! But it’s important to avoid neglecting this asset even if you aren't physically using it. The best possible practice recommended by Express Pool Plastering & Repairs is to keep your pool’s equipment running during the winter and to ensure proper maintenance measures are taken. By doing this, you prevent the pipes from freezing and prevent larger issues that may not be discovered until you go to use the pool in the summer.

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Avoid Ignoring Your Pool During the Colder Months

Even if you choose not to perform any pool renovations during the cold months in Texas, you as a pool owner cannot simply shut everything down and reopen the following summer. Our Express Pool Plastering & Repairs maintenance experts implore you to avoid letting your pool go even if it’s not being used; this is because doing so can cause algae and mold to grow. If you don’t take proper maintenance measures, it may take longer for your pool to return to”ready” status as soon as the weather gets warmer, and can potentially cause you to require a full on pool renovation.

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Avoid Damages When Shutting Everything Down

If you don’t go through the necessary steps of running your pool’s equipment every so often during the off-season, it can lead to much larger issues further down the road. It’s possible for pieces of critical equipment to malfunction, break, or be otherwise damaged when shut off if you do not take proper care, and Express Pool Plastering & Repairs can help! Browse our blog for more useful tips and advice for taking care of your pool!

Keep Up With Pool Renovations & Maintenance With Express Pool

Make sure your pool is in full working condition for the upcoming summer season with Express Pool Plastering & Repairs pool renovations and maintenance tips. Discover how to best take care of your pool during the off-season and learn more about our winter discounts by contacting us today!