The Process of Plastering a Pool

The Process of Plastering a Pool

When it comes time for a pool renovation, one of the first things people consider is replastering. The plaster is crucial for the look, feel, and function of your spa or swimming pool. When it comes time for pool renovations or updates, replastering can make a world of difference! One question we often get asked at Express Pool Plastering and Repairs is: What does the plastering process look like? In today’s post, we provide a high-level breakdown of our plastering process. Read on to learn more or reach out to us at Express Pool Plastering and Repairs for your pool renovation services!

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Pre-Plaster Inspection

Every plastering project starts with a pre-plaster inspection. During this inspection, we get a feel for the current condition of your pool, what needs to be done, and a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect. Typically, the pool will be plastered within 48 hours of the completed pre-plaster inspection.

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Removal of Existing Plaster

The next step of the replastering pool renovation process is to remove the existing plaster or pool finish. This process is done with a diamond masonry blade. Then, if new pool tile is part of the requested pool renovation services, the existing tile is removed. Once the bulk of the plaster is removed and the tile is prepared, we inspect the loose plaster and determine whether or not we need to cut further down to the gunite or bond-coat the pool surface.

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Complete Removal or Bond Coating

If your pool’s plaster is in good shape, then the bond coating will be a good solution for you. If the plaster is in suboptimal condition, the complete removal of the plaster down to the gunite will be necessary. In cases of complete removal down to the gunite, Express Pool Plastering and Repairs will clean up and haul away any extra waste and materials.

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Careful and Consistent Filling

Finally, the pool and spa are carefully filled up in a way that no plaster makes it into your pool plumbing! Filling a pool with a hose typically takes about 24 hours.

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