Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer With Our Pebble Pool Finishes!

Get Your Pool Ready for the Summer With Our Pebble Pool Finishes!

As the summer months begin to roll into Houston, now is the time to get your pool ready for the season. But, before you fill up the pool with water and update the exterior, you may want to think about upgrading the pool's floor and wall finish, as it may have been a while since you last refreshed this area of your pool. Since you spend the majority of your time within the water walking around and soaking in the sun, it’s important to have a finish that is comfortable and slip-free when stepped on. The last thing you want is to have a finish that is slimy and off-putting to the touch, as this can ruin the pool experience for family and visitors alike. At Express Pool Plastering and Repairs, we offer homeowners in Houston excellent pool finish products that you are sure to love, and with numerous options to choose from, you are likely to find something that fits your yard perfectly. Contact us today to book a service or visit our website to learn more about what we can do for your pool!



StoneScapes have been blowing up in popularity for a variety of reasons, including their variety of size options, the beautiful colors available, and the amazing feel.

Smooth to the Touch – StoneScape mini pebble offers a smooth feel, designed to be softer on the hands, feet, and swimwear. Due to their miniature design and materials used, this finish helps swimmers avoid annoying scrapes and scratches that often occur from a rough floor.

Available Colors – One of the best things about StoneScapes pool finish is that it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. This gives you the option to display the pool of your dreams, as the different shades give off specific water colors.

  • Tropic Blue

  • Tahoe Blue

  • Midnight Blue

  • Caribbean Blue

  • Aqua Blue

  • Aqua White

  • Black

  • Aqua Cool

Durability – Not only do StoneScape finishes offer a beautiful look to your pool, but they are also made with quality that is built to last. With a proper installation, this finish can easily last around 15 to 25 years, giving you plenty of bang for your buck. StoneScape also offers a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years, letting you rest easy knowing your pool is covered!


River Rok

River Rok is an advanced interior pool finish formed for the betterment of exposed pebbles on various surfaces in extreme climates. Blended with premium natural pebbles and quality materials, this finish provides a tough and durable option for homeowners in the Houston area.

Texture – The cement and pebble blend used in creating the River Rok finish is specifically designed for comfort. All pebbles used in the finish are pre-selected and tumbled until perfectly smooth, giving you a wonderful texture option that feels smooth and comfortable to the touch.

Available Colors – As any great manufacturer should, River Rok offers a huge variety of color options to fit your Houston pool. Best of all, these color options cover a wide range of tones and shades so you can find something perfect no matter the look you are trying to achieve.

  • Imperial White

  • Aqua Reef

  • Serene Seas

  • Blue Granite

  • Cool Seas

  • Sapphire Bay

  • Tahoe Mist

  • Blue Opal

  • Midnight Moon

  • Tropical Blue

  • Lucayan Blue

  • French Blue

  • Granite

  • Harbor Gray

  • Emerald Black

Durability – River Rok's natural pebble pool finish is a blend of selected aggregates with fortified portland cement, making it the perfect option for pools. This blend offers extreme durability and maintains well throughout all weather conditions.


SunStone Pearl

SunStone Pearl is another excellent choice for a pebble pool finish. This finish can take your pool to the next level, as it offers a beautiful and dazzling look without sacrificing quality. Its unique approach has to do with a combination of smaller, delicate, hand-selected pebbles with white portland cement that creates a stunning visual for all to enjoy.

Feel – Similar to all other pebble pool finishes, SunStone Pearl offers a smooth and soft-to-the-touch feel on all your pool’s surfaces. Each pebble is small in size, helping you to avoid rough edges and potential scrapes and cuts from rubbing against the surface.

Available Colors – Get the beauty of the sea all within your backyard with numerous amazing color options. Whether you are looking for a light or dark-toned pool, SunStone Pearl has the colors to make your dreams a reality.

  • Aqua Pearl

  • Black Pearl

  • Blue Pearl

  • Cove Blue Pearl

  • Golden Pearl

  • Gray Reef Pearl

  • Mesa Pearl

  • Sage Pearl

  • St. Lucia Pearl

  • White Pearl


Micro Fusion

Micro Fusion offers the newest innovations for the pool finish industry. Their blend includes the use of the smallest-sized micro pebbles on the market, as their design allows for overall comfort and ease of installation. High-quality cement will be used during the finishing process, further assuring homeowners of an excellent product that will last.

Feels Amazing – With a silky smooth, glass-like feel, there is no going wrong with the Micro Fusions micro pebble blend. Avoid all of the negative aspects of a rough surface, and enjoy the smooth richness of a finish that is true elegance.

Available Colors – Micro Fusion strives to provide beautiful pigments that give off the ambiance of dancing shells. With numerous color choices to choose from, homeowners in Houston are sure to find the perfect color for their pool!

  • French Gray

  • Laguna

  • Lakeside

  • White Water

  • Tahoe

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No matter the type of service your pool needs this upcoming season, we at Express Pool Plastering and Repairs are the right team for the job. Receive your free quote by contacting us today!

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