Upgrading Your Houston Pool: New Features and Technology to Consider

Upgrading Your Houston Pool: New Features and Technology to Consider

Swimming pools have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Today, Texas homeowners can customize their pool with an array of features, lighting, and technology that can transform their outdoor space into a relaxing, entertaining, and functional oasis. Express Pool Plastering & Repairs in Houston not only specializes in pool renovations but can also help you pick out the perfect new features to revitalize your outdoor living space.

If you're considering upgrading your pool, browse just a few popular options down below and let Express Pool Plastering & Repairs handle everything for you!


Colorful LED Lighting

LED lights are a popular choice for pool lighting as they provide a range of color options and tend to consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. Hayward LED lights can create a stunning visual effect, highlighting water features and making your pool area more inviting. The addition of LED bulbs can bring a significant upgrade to your Houston pool, as it can enhance the aesthetics of the pool by adding vibrant and dynamic colors that create a lively and fun atmosphere. Not to mention LED lighting is energy-efficient and can save on electricity costs.


Water Features

Water features also can be a significant upgrade for your backyard pool if you’re looking to make a change. The addition of fountains, waterfalls, and bubbling jets can make the entire pool area feel more dynamic; not to mention the sound of running water and the movement of water can add a peaceful ambiance to any outdoor space. Different water features can also help to circulate the pool water itself and improve its overall quality, making it safer and more enjoyable to swim in.


In-Pool Seating

In-pool seating — such as built-in benches, ledges, and stools — can provide a place to relax, cool off, and enjoy your pool. This upgrade is perfect for pool owners who want to create a more comfortable and luxurious environment for swimmers to enjoy. With in-pool seating, individuals can relax in the water without the need to tread water constantly, providing an opportunity for relaxation and socialization. Designed to match the pool's shape and size, the seamless integration of seating can make the entire experience feel more modern and sophisticated.


New Pool Tile

If you're interested in totally revamping the current look of your Houston pool, new tiling is the way to go. This design upgrade from Express Pool Plastering & Repairs allows you to create a unique color, design, or pattern that is suitable for your personal tastes. New pool tiles can also improve your pool's durability and longevity, preventing damage from harsh weather conditions and prolonged use. Elevate the entire experience for you and your guests with new pool tiles.

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