Selecting The Proper Pool Finish

Selecting The Proper Pool Finish

There are many reliable and beautiful swimming pool finish options available. From standard white, quartz, polished and pebble finishes. These choices can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

These plaster surfaces can provide years of reliable performance and dazzling beauty in a well-made and well-maintained pool or spa. However, improper maintenance of any plaster finish will cause the appearance of the surface to change, either slowly over time, or in some rare instances, far more rapidly. These changes may be subtle or minor, perhaps slight shading or scaling, staining, etching, cracking, or delaminating in extreme cases.

It is up to you on how well your pool or spa maintains its appearance over time.

Classic White

White plaster has been around as long as people have been building swimming pools and it remains a popular choice. Its simple combination of white cement, white marble aggregate and water make for an economical choice that will give you that classic swimming pool look. When filled with water, white plaster create a brilliant, clean, light blue appearance that is very smooth to the touch. It remains the most affordable pool finish product on the market today. For the purpose of selecting standard white plaster it’s critical to be fully aware that it is a relatively “soft” finish compared to other upgraded plaster options that are more susceptible to the effects of water chemistry. Has a two year applicators warranty.


Combination of natural, pure and non-fading quartz aggregates mixed with enhanced polymer-modified cement provides pool owner with an extremely durable and attractive pool coating. Quartz aggregate is smaller than pebble and available in a variety of colors. With the strength of the natural quartz, quartz Plaster Finishes will stand up to the harshest pool chemicals and rough weather conditions. Comfortable and slip resistant. Quartz come with a five year applicators warranty and more expensive than standard plaster.


Polished finishes consist of blending white marble aggregates with colored quartz and bonding them together with Portland cement. With a smooth, colorful & long lasting appearance it also has a slip resistance surface that is gentle on feet and swimsuits. This hand polished pool surface is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains, permanent scale and algae adhesion. Has a five year applicators warranty and more costly than quartz.


Pebble surfaces consist of small, smooth river pebbles embedded throughout the product. Pebble surfaces are extremely natural in appearance, come in a wide range of colors and they are the most durable surface available. Because the pebble is a stone like material, the pebbles are unlikely to react with swimming pool or spa water. Therefore, less likely to attack or alter the appearance. However, under the most extreme chemical conditions, even pebble surfaces can suffer damage. The texture is slightly rougher than quartz and more costly. Has a five year applicators warranty.

A Note on Colored Plaster

By its nature, colored plaster will accentuate all of the characteristics normally found in white plaster. Mottling, for example, can be more pronounced in colored plaster than in white. Colored plaster may also exhibit pigment stains, streaks, unevenness of color and more noticeable checking and crazing. Also, variations of shade will exist between color sample chips and mixed plaster. Over time, the color may fade completely or grow gradually lighter and will often not be the precise shade that was anticipated. It’s important to note that none of these conditions are considered a deficiency of the product.

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